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  • Can hold any color awareness/cause ribbon.
  • Add character & personality to campaigns & promotions
  • Offer full-color imprint at no extra charge.

Why Focus On Awareness Campaigns?

Every week … of every month … of every year, there is a cause to be promoted. For most, there is a ribbon color designated for that cause. And those who champion a specific cause are looking for engaging, relevant and effective promotional tools to meet their objectives. This is a job for Weepuls.

The Payoff

Weepuls can hold any color awareness ribbon in their hand allowing you to offer a solution for everything from anti-bullying and Autism to animal abuse. You can also color coordinate the body, feet, ribbon and imprint.

Often, the initial sale spawns reorders for future events. The steady and predictable sales opportunity for savvy distributors is enormous. As a donation keepsake or event reminder, Weepuls are relevant, engaging — effective.

For more information about ribbon colors, causes and awareness visit:

Disabled World:

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