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The rain blew sideways, the trees bowing in reverence to the wind’s onslaught. I was in a good mood despite Mother Nature’s tantrum when the phone rang.

Darlene Was Swampped
Right away I could sense the same sort of chaos in Darlene’s voice as was raging outside my window. She needed a Weepul for a client and was beside herself trying to figure out what to do.

“Darlene,” I said. “I sense some desperation in your voice. I’ve got plenty of time for you so … if you’d like to take a deep breath and collect your thoughts I can wait.”

“It’s nuts, I’m sorry,” she replied, taking a deep breath and calming down a bit. “I’ve got the kids, my husband is gone on a business trip and I’m just overwhelmed. I’m swamped.”

I replied, “That’s ok. Would you like me to take a big burden off your shoulders?”


“Well, let’s take a couple minutes with you simply explaining what your client wants to do or accomplish. Email me their logo and website. My team and I will do the research and develop a couple solid ideas. In a couple days, I’ll send you digital mock-ups that you can email to your client. I promise they will be relevant and engaging.”

We spent about 10 minutes on the phone. A few minutes later I received her email with the client logo. I visited her client’s website and discovered the Unique Selling Proposition and incorporated it into a couple concepts and sent them to her 2 days later.

A few days after, she emailed me a PO … along with another logo and a brief explanation of another client’s need.

Robert Was Rowing In Place
With Darlene onboard and sailing calmer waters, I turned my attention to Robert. While he had no kids or traveling spouse, his boat was floundering in a different way.

“Dude,” he rushed. “I’ve got like, a boatload of small clients that suck up all of my time. It’s like I’m busy all day … but I’m doing little more than rowing in place.”   

Robert was constantly trying to find new clients to keep his income up. But handling an abundance of small orders, while trying to keep his pipeline full was burning him out. He had a good prospect list but was failing in his attempts to develop sound ideas that would get his foot in the door.  He was simply too busy to do anything well.

“Robert,” I said.  “What if you could dump your prospect information on me. And every couple of days I’ll send you a relevant and engaging digital mock-up — custom tailored to your prospect —  that you can use as an ice breaker?”

“You can do that?“ he gushed. “That’d be great. Whaddya need from me?”

Weepuls: Your Creative Back Office

In the same way that affiliates such as Kaeser & Blair, IpromoteU and Geiger handle the “Back Office” stuff for their distributors, Weepuls offers the Creative Back Office (CBO).

Short and sweet – send me logos, website and briefly what your client or prospect does or what they want to accomplish be it a safety program, event promotion or new product launch. My team and I will do the research (never contacting your client or prospect) and deliver to you an appropriate number of relevant and engaging ideas that you can use as you see fit.

If you find yourself unable to devote enough creative time to your prospecting and sales  … well, drop anchor in the Bay of Weepuls and let us be your Creative Back Office.

Warm Regards,
Michael Crooks
VP, U.S. OPerations

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