Three times this week a distributor lost a Weepul sale.  That means we lost a Weepul sale.  Three sales. Three sales that were basically slam dunks – because they were repeat orders.  But rush charges can’t change the laws of physics. And the fact is, there simply were not enough hours to process, produce, package and ship the orders in time for the events. ANNUAL events.

Seriously. ANNUAL events. It’s not like the end user didn’t have 364 days since the last event to give it some thought. Somehow they remembered to book a venue, rent hotel rooms and arrange for transportation. But when it came to the promotional item “that they’ve used every year since the event began” they wait until 3 days before the event.

One way some distributors can maintain profitability and really be of service to their clients is to remind clients of annual events.  Whether you use Rolodex cards, physically write it on a “next year” calendar or enter it into your smart phone … just do it. Then next year, at least 2 months prior to their event call them, email them, mail them … whatever you have to do to ensure that if they want to purchase that item from you again – they will have plenty of time to do so.

That is service my friends. And if everyone was doing it  – we wouldn’t have all these rush orders and “No Can Do” orders for annual events. A proprietary reminder service, exclusively from (Your Company Name Here). Something to think about.

Warm Weepul Wishes,
Michael Crooks, VP, U.S. Operations

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