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Weepuline, LLC, the exclusive global manufacturer of Weepuls™ announces the launch of its new Same-Sex Marriage and GAy Pride Weepuls. According to Weepul’s VP, U.S. Operations, Michael Crooks, the new Weepuls fill the void of relevant promotional products for the Same-Sex-Marriage (and GAy Pride markets.

“We believe the same-sex-marriage and gay pride markets are largely under-served with specific products that deliver the message creatively and effectively,” says Crooks. “We developed these Weepuls in an effort to expand the markets for our distributor partners by providing a relevant product by which the Gay and Lesbian community can promote their cause and celebrate their events.”

The Same Sex Marroage Weepul features two Weepuls on one base either both wearing top hats (male) or bridal veils (female). The concept is further enhanced and made relevant by use of Weepuline’s multicolor or “rainbow” poms. The Gay Pride Weepul holds the rainbow awareness ribbon. The promotional message —whether for a rally, conference or a wedding  — is imprinted on the attached ribbon. Crooks ads that the concept is applicable to the Weepul bookmark product.

Weepuls are available exclusively through our nationwide distributor network. For samples and more information, end users are encouraged to contact their local promotional proeucts profesisonals. Distributors please contact us through our U.S. industry identifiers:  PPAI: 113393  SAGE: 55140  ASI: 40560